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Kirovsky district, Krasnoyarsk
"A Bald Hill" is located on the outskirts of Kirovsky district in Krasnoyarsk. It's a place where nature and city are meeting each other. Only when you're climbing up and the city is still staying in it's own place, under your feet, you can see a real beauty around!
He was going to "the Bald Hill" to calm down, relax. That day was hard and he wanted to hide, run away from everybody... He wasn't going exactly to this place, just wanted to escape...

He was going up a hardly visible pathway not knowing where and what for he is going to. A noise and a shout right after stopped him. Around 20 steps behind him on a thawn march ground was lying a girl. He surely ran up to her and helped her to stand up. A girl wasn't crying, she was smiling and trying to clear her face from mud.
Photographer: Nikita Eroshkin
Thank you for helping me. My name is Olga! - she said without any discomfiture.
What are you doing here? - he asked her.
Just walking. My farther has a garage here, l'm not interested into cars, so a trip to a hill is the only entertainment I can have while dad is fixing his "preciousness". I'm climbing on the top of it and watching down...
She was strange: dirty face, clothes but... But he didn't want to run, to be alone anymore.
Isn't it hard to climb like that every time?
Yes, hard. But as you will reach the top, you understand that it worth it. Let's go, you'll see it by yourself! - she told me and went ahead.
They were standing together on the top of "the Bald Hill" watching in silence, forgetting everything. They're young, with so much hope in their minds. And standing where they should've thought that the world itself believes in themselves!
That's how my family's story started, tightly connect it with "the Bald Hill". Where my father, standing on one knee, suggested to my mother to be his wife. Where we go on ours family birthday to celebrate it, because as mom once said: "It's almost a family member."

All these stories I've heard when I was a little boy. Mum's romantic tales about "prince" and "princess" were so fairy to me! I was growing up, stories were becoming more and more detailed. For example, my grandpa told me how he was chasing "these two luckies» with an adjustable wrench after they told him they're going to get married. Funny, sad, romantic - different stiries - a pary of my life. And this hill became one too.

Photographer: Nikita Eroshkin
For me "the Bald Hill" related to adventures, mine and my friend's.

Where I've broke my arm as I was riding a bike. It was my first time! It was hurtful but also I was scared of coming home with a broken bicycle... "Double damage", as my grandpa said that day. To his garage I came with a hope of help as with an arm as with parents.

And how tasty were sausages that were grilled by me and my friends where. And a half-roasted potatos at the same day! A week of house arrest for burnt jeans to me, for borrowed sausages without asking to Anton and for mess in the kitchen that was done while carrying potatos to Dima.

Photographer: Nikita Eroshkin
On this hill in winters we usually sledding and now in it's modern alternatives. When you're whizzing down the hill, the wind is whistling in our hears and burning your face. From November to March we lost our guardian - Snowman. Sometimes it disappears and we are making a new Snowman, and occasionaly he has got some friends.
"The Bald Hill" is a silent witness of thousand years of history. It has seen how our city appeared, how it was growing. It knows a lot. My mum's and dad's history and my little stories is stored in its memory. And it became a part of our family's story back.
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