What is scary to know.
To be honest, Krasnoyarsk isn't cool. It is similar to many other russian cities. You know it: endless brick and panel houses, garbage and dirt everywhere and so on. But it has one and really unique feature. It is strictly split by the river on the right and left sides. This line is so clear that if you go over the bridge you will feel yourself like in another world. River's left bank is pretty for walking, working and living. The right bank is good for... well, there you can see "the scariest" districts of this city. I'm going to tell you about one of them right now!
Actually, my name is Artem. I'm interesting, clever and very funny, also I live in Chilim. Okay, it was a joke, next to it. A five-floors building at the opposite side of the road is my house. I was born there and still see "great" Chilim's streets through my window. Chilim is pretty popular place in fact. Haven't you heard about it? If the answer is no, it's a district between Kutuzova and Gruntovaya streets. But if you live in Krasnoyarsk at least more that a year, you defenetly heard this word. Unfortunately, it's glorify itself not for something good. But it's really not beautiful, I'll even say it's a little horible.
Story time!
All these rumors, of course, reasonable but so annoying. Although sometimes I became a witness of stories that later turning rumors myself. I remember that I've heard some dispute once. I think it was between taxi driver and his passengers. They couldn't decide how much should they pay for the trip. At the end, according to laws of Chilim, a fight was chosen as a solution. Rivals' positions were not equal but you can do anything for 100 rubles and your honor
I also was a character of this sort of story! Late at night I was going home through Chilim. The situation wasn't inspiring, you know. After that I noticed people who were carrying a man as I thought. They put him next to the junkyard and left. I swear, I've never run that fast. At the morning on the next day I cautiously was going pass those place as I saw rolled carpet. My second swear for today, but I've never feel so shameful.

Trashcans on the middle of the street.
Chilim at night.
What majority of people think.
A lot of people don't think anything good about Chilim. Then I tell anyone there I live, they usually say something like: "Oh, is that next to the Chilim? Okay, yeah, cool." Feel this disgust? Sometimes they look at me with so much sympathy in their eyes that it's easier to move out. Even a person who worked there talking about it like it's a "trashcan".
Kids are walking in Chilim.
I have nothing against their viewpoint, but it's hurtful only because 90% of them haven't even been there. It is not that awful! Yeah, at his own will nobody will want to move there, atmosphere isn't friendly. But "Vodniki", for example, have not that many differences with Chilim. People living there are the same as who live 100 metres from them.
Don't like it? Change it!
It's really funny that many people think it's just a sore point of the Kirovsky district. And you should beware it! But how many years we will be closing our eyes to the problem? Chilim need to be rescued. Authorities have already made a project to make it better and hung it's plan on a tree. But it is useless as I think. Recently a park was built next to it, but trees there will grow only by 2020.
Moreover, there are some beautiful historical buildings in Chilim. And not that far away from it you can find Culture House Kirovsky.

Culture House near Chilim.
Everything for development of this district exist. And I know people who live there, they don't like living like that. Residents of old ruined houses will happily move into more comfortable ones. Than what are we waiting for? It's always easy just stop noticing a problem than to find a solution. If you don't like something, change it or keep silence. Krasnoyarsk isn't beautiful and convinient, I've already complained about it, now it's time for an action.
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